Korres Thyme Honey 24 H Moisturising Cream | Review

Tuesday 5 February 2013

I've decided to do a mini series of posts titled "Say Goodbye to Dry" reviewing various products that I've found to be brilliant for helping those various body parts look rejuvenated rather than run-down!
I have always suffered from having dry skin over the years, sometimes in Summer from getting carried away on a sunny day and a lot more often in Winter. With the central heating & cold winds getting at you from both sides, you just can't win.
Now, since I became pregnant my skin has been playing up even more than usual, it started off oily, then spotty and now with it's dry patches which seem set to stay. This + Winter = sad face.
So, I set about finding an alternative since my usual Nivea moisturiser was running out, not to mention having been discontinued. 
 One day whilst shopping in TK Maxx just before Christmas, I found my own little Christmas Miracle in the form of Korres Thyme Honey 24-Hour Moisturising Cream. I'd heard good things about their Lip Butter's despite never having tried one myself so thought it was worth a go. I quickly got my phone out to check the reviews on trusty ol' MakeupAlley and was satisfied with the results.With it usually being worth £19 and being down to £7.99, I was powerless to resist so made my way to the till with it.
Once getting it home, I tested it out the next morning to find that it was indeed as good as I'd hoped. 
 It's recommended for normal to dry skin but when I checked the reviews, quite a few people said that it'd worked better for them on really dry skin and it had been too heavy for their every day use on normal skin. As I was looking for something fairly heavy duty, this sounded good to me. I found that it makes my skin look lovely and refreshed and it's an ideal base for my makeup. I don't end up with my foundation looking flakey around various parts of my face as I had done previously.
 My boyfriend had also been complaining about my old moisturiser saying that it made my face smell of raw eggs (?!) This obviously did not please me. I've found this moisturiser reminds me of the smell of ginger ale, not too strong and it doesn't linger for very long. I've also received no complaints from a certain someone and seen him dipping his paws into it a couple of times so I think it's been approved!
I personally like the packaging of this moisturiser, it feels really sturdy and although it looks vaguely medicinal, I also think it looks quite classy and I like how it glows orange in the sun, haha.

Overall, I've found that it moisturises my skin extremely well and keeps it feeling that way all day without making me look greasy or need to apply any face powder. I also like the fact that Korres use almost all natural ingredients and no nasties so it's safe for me and baba.
As I said, I found this in TK Maxx but it was all on it's lonesome and so I don't know if it was a one off. After a quick Google,  if you're interested I've found it on Amazon, Look Fantastic & Skintroductions

How does the weather affect your skin?

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  1. I found this in TK Maxx too!! I dropped mine when I was on holiday and it smashed everywhere, I was so upset haha. Loved using it, haven't been able to find it anywhere though, think it's been discontinued xx

    Rachael | beautypea.com


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