Weekend Adventures

Sunday 3 February 2013

Those cigarettes don't belong to us by the way, haha! We did quite a lot of table hopping to grab the comfy seats.
I grabbed myself a Rimmel Apocalips in "Celestial" the other day and decided to try it out/pose shamelessly.

This weekend we decided to make the most of the sunny weather (well, for about the 8 hours it lasted for anyway) and go for a walk along a local canal. I'd picked up a maternity coat this week as I was struggling to fit into my old coat and also I quite fancied a new coat as I've had my other for 2 years. Any excuse, eh?
It's quite lightweight so I had to wrap up extra warm but it seemed to be a few degrees colder on the walk so I had to borrow Nathan's gloves as well!
After our walk we decided to pop to B&Q to get a few bits & pieces for doing the house up for the little one's arrival and encountered a lovely sunset. Our plans for the evening were to go out to a little country style pub with my parents so that's where we spent most of our evening! Fortunately, my mum wasn't drinking so I didn't feel to lonely sipping on my lime & lemonades, poor little pregnant me.
I decided to take advantage of Nathan's jovial alcohol-induced mood when we returned home & ordered a couple of things for the nursery that I'd had my eye on!
Today we had a very late lie-in & just ventured out to B&Q (again...) to pick up some more things we missed yesterday because we needed to measure them first and Nathan had misplaced the tape measure.
Then we ventured into town to do some boring shopping and we just plan on spending the evening lounging around! What exciting lives we lead.

What did you get up to this weekend?

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