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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Out of all the beauty products that I own, lip products are definitely my least obsessed over but strangely, I still seem to have a large amount of them... I'm like a moth to a flame, show me some pretty packaging and I'm hooked. I always find that they are over-hyped or over-priced and they end up disappointing me by never looking as good as the swatches do or drying my lips out.
The Pink one should have a pink band but it's faded from too much time in my handbag!
That is until I found these beauties. I find lip balm slightly boring on it's own as your lips still look undressed but find a lipstick for everyday wear to be too much effort and never as long lasting as they claim. That's where Carmex Moisture Plus step in. The packaging claims them to be a "ultra hydrating lip balm" that contains Vitamin E & Aloe and SPF 15.
 I first picked up the shade Pink in Winter last year as it was either a choice between Pink or Clear and I wanted something to give me a bit of colour during the cold months. It applies so smoothly and lightly onto your lips and is in my opinion, exactly what the Revlon Lip Butters should have felt like but didn't. It applies a very subtle but definitely there bubblegum pink shade to your lips and has a sweet scent and flavour to it with a hint of menthol. Needless to say I was hooked.
When I was on one of my many visits to Boots, I happened to notice the shade Peach and as I was just about to go on Holiday and the sun was shining brightly outside, I decided to treat myself and found this one just as delightful to apply but with a clear menthol scent to it with no hint of sweetness, I find it light and refreshing.
Finally, whilst out picking up Christmas presents, I noticed that they had introduced a Berry shade to the range but to my disappointment found the rack empty. That is until I looked down and there it was staring up at me, the last one that had fallen off! I snaffled it quickly, eager to try it's Berry goodness.
L-R Berry, Peach, Pink

Berry definitely applies the most obvious colour out of all the three shades but I think it's a lovely shade for winter and makes you look like you've just been on a crisp walk. However, I do find it the least moisturising out of the three and find that the balm/colour wears off the quickest. The scent is the same as the Pink one, sweet with a hint of menthol. 
Overall, these are definitely my favourite lip products without a doubt, they add a quick pop of colour and a lot of moisture for a tiny price tag. All situations = Win.
You can pick these babies up in Boots in the shades mentioned above and in Clear, they retail for £4.49 each.


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    1. They are awesome, I definitely recommend picking one up! :-)


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