25 Week Update

Saturday 9 February 2013


I decided to reformat my update post a bit as it felt a bit boring and not very personal so I'm just gonna go with the flow and write whatever I fancy really.

So this week we were introduced to the new phenomenon dubbed "Thundersnow" as we had some epic mixture of thunder, lightning, hail, rain AND snow all in one crazy storm. It was only for about 15 minutes but it was pretty impressive!

This week has gone pretty quickly fortunately and I should be finishing work in 7 weeks, whoopee. I only work 4 days a week anyway but I'm definitely looking forward to finishing! It's not a fulfilling job and was only meant to be a filler before I could get something better but then I got pregnant and my options got frittered away. I'm hoping to be a stay at home mum for the first 2-3 years if money permits.

I've had a little bit of heartburn in the evenings this week but nothing major. I've also had a LOT more kicking from the little guy, which I find quite amusing. It's much more frequent throughout the day and he loves doing it at night when I've just got into bed. I got a little worried on Tuesday evening when I had a bit of pain lower down but it sorted itself out. It made me realise just how much I'm looking forward to meeting him and being his mum and I feel lucky just to feel his little kicks even when they are aimed right at my bladder!

My phone app informs me that baby is now 660g which equates to about 1.5lbs! If I could see into my uterus I could potentially see what colour hair he has and he has also formed fingerprints which makes him seem all the more like a little person. I can definitely tell my belly has grown this week (as you'd expect) and I'm still keeping an eye out for any squiggly little blighters making their debut appearance but I'm in the clear at the moment...

Why do I always look like a confused hunchback in full length pictures? Sigh.
I went round to my parents with Nathan on Thursday evening as I'd stupidly left my laptop charger there the day before. However, that meant he finally had the chance to see all the purchases for the baby. We'd been storing them at my parents as they have more space round there and also because I'd bought most of the stuff whilst on my day off. Nathan had helped pick it all but he hadn't seen any of it in person. I think he was quite surprised to see how much we've actually acquired, we've got most of it sorted now! The furniture has been ordered and due for delivery at the end of this month, we bought the paint together and now all we need are a few finishing touches.

This weekend has been pretty quiet, it was my Dad's birthday today so we went out for a couple of hours to celebrate.
I'm also liking how the evenings are getting steadily brighter, it reminds me that Spring is on it's way and I can hopefully put the bargain maternity dress I snaffled off eBay earlier this week into action as it's a bit too summery for the weather we have at the moment!
We're not doing anything fancy for Valentines Day this year, not that we have done in previous years but just a home-cooked meal and a film I think. Plus we have the 25 week midwife appointment on the same day, so that'll be quite nice. It's funny, we had the 12 week scan on our anniversary as well!

PS. I just had to retype this whole bloody post as I decided to change the picture and accidentally deleted the whole thing!! GRR. Fortunately, I had the preview on another tab so it wasn't too hard to rewrite but still extremely annoying...

PPS. I just found the draft saved that I thought I had deleted... great. Oh well, at least I got to give it a good proof-read and change a few things!

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  1. You look so lovely, and you have so many great things a head of you! And your baby to as well of course :)

    /Stephanie / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com


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