Fantasy Friday #6 Autumn Essentials

Friday 27 September 2013

1. Bag - H&M
2. Fox Knit Top - New Look
3. Ankle Boots - New Look
4. Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette - Selfridges
5. Fox Beanie - Dorothy Perkins
6. Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lipstick - Selfridges

It's been quite a while since I made a wishlist and with Autumn just on our doorstep, I thought I'd have a quick browse for some non-essential purchases.

I am in need of a new bag and this satchel style one from H&M is budget friendly and just what I'm looking for. The fox knit top is so adorable, I'm struggling to not buy it right now. I always struggle to find shoes/boots, I see loads that I like but my feet just don't agree and I was on a boot mission for about 2 months last year, hopefully I'll have better luck this year. This Bobbi Brown palette is gorgeous and full of warm shades which will look lovely in the colder months for when my skin is even more pale than usual! Running with the foxy theme, this hat super cute. I needn't say more. Finally, a Chanel lipstick in shade Orchidee - a lovely coral red shade, not too bright but still on trend for A/W.


  1. Great picks! Especially that darling fox beanie!


  2. I love the eyeshadow palette! I'm a sucker for nudes and browns! :D xxx

  3. The palette and lipstick would have to be my favorites. Amazing choices :)

  4. They seem to have lots of really nice boots out this year! I saw some biker style ones in Primark that were a complete bargain.Good luck with the boot mission.

    Hannah x

  5. The fox knit top is so cute & the Beanie too. I am all about the woodland animal :o)


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