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Friday 25 January 2013

I've had a Pinterest account for a while now, but never really bothered with it all that much. That is until I went on a manic internet spree searching for all sorts of baby related goodies. I don't know what happened, but one night I sat down and started browsing and ended up obsessed with searching for anything and everything baby related.

I started off with looking for nursery ideas, as that's one of the main changes that we're going to need to do to our home before baby boy arrives.

I love this furniture set from Mamas and Papas, it's meant to be ideal for smaller nurseries too, which is what ours will be.

 These dinosaur canvas prints are too cute.
 Wall stickers for the nursery, I've seen quite a few of these that I like, I just need to decide on a theme...

I like mainly the greens and blues for the nursery, I think we'll end up picking a duck egg blue colour.

Chair from Ikea looks super comfy for all those nights sat in the Nursery with the little one.

All images are taken from my Pinterest with the relevant links on there :-)

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