23 Week Update

Saturday 26 January 2013


So, I thought I'd start doing weekly updates so I can look back on them. I've taken inspiration from here for my posts as I always enjoyed reading them & you can see how each one changed every week :) I'd post a picture of myself but I don't have great lighting in my house at the moment & also no decent camera! I'll try and get one sorted.

A few things we've picked up so far!

How far along?  23 Weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: About 11lbs since I found out I was pregnant.

Maternity clothes: Went out to Mamas & Papas with my mum on my day off and she treated me to this cute little wrap around top which is also suitable for nursing.

Stretch marks: Yes! Sadly, one has just appeared this past week, it’s only a small one on the left side of my belly but I’m still not happy! I did suffer really badly with stretch marks though when I gained 3 stone a few years ago and when I hit puberty, so I shouldn't be too surprised I guess!

Sleep: Not too bad this week actually, although since I found out I was pregnant I think I've only had like 2/3 uninterrupted nights sleep :( I've been having horribly vivid dreams that wake me up and I can’t get back to sleep for ages afterwards and have had to read to get back to sleep. 

Best moment this week: Getting our pram at an even bigger discount than it was on offer for!It was meant to be in a bundle with a car seat, adapters, footmuff & changing bag for £399 but when we went back to get it the next day, they'd all sold out so gave us the display pram that had only been out one week for £120 less! Bargain :)

Miss anything? Not really, I sometimes miss some of my pre-pregnancy clothes but that’s about it. 

Movement: Yeah, he’s gotten quite active this week and I can feel him frequently throughout the day. Nathan can feel him moving now as well, so that’s nice :)

Food cravings: I really wanted prawns the other day &I don’t even like them! It passed though & now I just want Malteaser bunnies, but I don’t think that’s got anything to do with being pregnant ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick? I don’t like fried eggs anymore, but they don’t really make me feel queasy.

Gender:  Boy!

Labour signs: Nope!

Symptoms: More movement, a growing belly, stretch mark(s). I'm going to have to buy Bio Oil as I used it a few years ago and it was a miracle worker! My skin’s really dry so I have to use a pretty heavy duty moisturiser. I've also had some “toilet issues” to phrase it nicely, but let’s not go into any more detail than is needed with that one!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy this week, I've enjoyed spending lots of time searching for things for him :)

Looking forward to: Seeing the Moses basket that we ordered & the new changing bag from Next (that matches the pram) We did get one free with the pram offer but I couldn't resist this one because it's more girly. They're waiting at my parents for me, yay! Hopefully we can order the furniture this week too.


  1. Your body starts preparing you for those sleepless nights far too early doesn't it! Make the most of any naps you can fit in! Love the little vests too x

    1. It does indeed, I'm always napping at ridiculous times, even at work a couple of times, woops! And thanks, my mum has gone a bit crazy & that's just a small selection haha! x


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