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Sunday 20 April 2014

I'm on a never ending quest to tame my hair, keep the frizz under control and basically make my hair look as if it's naturally straight and not beaten into submission every couple of days.

I've been using the Dove Hair Nourishing Oil Care Leave In Conditioning Spray for months now and although I don't think it improves the condition of my hair, it definitely maintains it and keeps my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling good too. I couldn't find it anywhere in stores though so I recommend ordering it online to save yourself the hunt.

I recently picked up the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm free with a copy of Elle after hearing good things on Sandy's blog Absolute Beaut and I'm really glad I did. I definitely feel that since I've been using it, my hair has been staying how I've styled it for a lot longer than it had done previously. The Wonder Balm is being touted as a "primer for hair" and it is a lightweight gel formula that smells gorgeous and has been giving my hair added oomph and leaving it looking sleek and glossy.

I've been using John Frieda's 3 Day Straight for a few years now, it pretty much does what it says on the bottle and helps keep my hair straighter for longer. It's not a miracle worker but I can tell a difference when I don't include it in my routine and so for that reason, it's still a keeper.

I'm always changing up my heat protection sprays, I've not really found one that's wow'd me yet and after trying the Dove Style + Care Heat Protect Spray, I think the hunt is still on. I can't really say that it makes my hair look any better after using it and also the spray is too direct, it doesn't mist over my hair but tends to squirt it in patches, not good.


  1. I'm constantly trying to do the same thing with my hair haha.
    I quite like the 3 Day Straight too. I've not tried the others but the Wonder Blam sounds really nice.

    Hannah x

  2. Oh that balm sounds fab, another addition to my lust list. A lovely honest and very helpful post.I have followed your blog and look forward to reading more. If you fancy a look at mine, I am at http://www.lippylikes.com


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