Rimmel Moisture Renew - Transparent Lipliner

Sunday 22 December 2013

I'm not sure why I decided to get the Rimmel Moisture Renew Transparent Lipliner, I only have one old lipliner in my whole makeup collection that needs to be thrown out. I think maybe because I've only recently started wearing lipsticks and I tend to stick with fairly light shades that don't require ultra precision or staying power. Nevertheless, I was intrigued by this as it can be worn with any lipstick.

Upon first use, I have to say I felt a bit underwhelmed. I don't know what I was expecting from a lipliner that's got the word "transparent" in its name, but you can't tell where you've put it on your lips in any way. It's got quite a tacky, matte texture and even though it has "moisture renew" in it's name, I wouldn't say that I find it moisturising in any way on my lips - but unless I used it on it's own, I wouldn't say that it was drying. Despite it feeling a little uncomfortable on the lips, it glides on easily and the turn-up nib makes it quick and convenient for use.

I apply it all over my lips as a base and then apply my choice of lipstick on top. I have found that it definitely does increase the wear time of my lipsticks by at least an hour or two and it helps keep the lipstick on the inner part of my lip, y'know that annoying bit where no matter how many times you go over it with your lip product of choice, it never quite stays on.

Overall, even though I couldn't say I've been blown away by it, I'm still pleased I have it in my collection (especially for the price!) and will continue my quest for the perfect lipliner. I quite like the look of No7's Nude lip pencil which I believe Lisa Eldridge helped to create. Well, if it's good enough for Lisa...

What do you think of lip liners/pencils? 


  1. I've never bought a lip liner as I don't tend to wear lipstick. I've never heard of a transparent one and I've got a feeling they may become more popular. Like you I'm a nude lip person. I like nudes and baby pinks. I'm quite intrigued by this and I may give it a go. Thanks!
    Maddy xxx


  2. I only have 1 red lip liner (if I'm feeling bold) but I never really use them, a nude or transparent lip liner sounds like a really good idea :) xx


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