Winter Warmers

Monday 4 November 2013


The weather is getting noticeably cooler now, not surprising as it's November (already?!) and I've been looking for some cosier items of clothing. I'm loving jumpers so far this year, they were never really something I was interested in but there's so many lovely styles out. With a new coat, I obviously need to get new accessories and I can't decide between the cute heart snood or the cream knit scarf. I'm in need of a new hat too and burgundy is such a warm shade, you can have mismatched accessories, right? I've been longing for a leather coat for so long. I used to have one years ago that I loved and wore to my first ever concert aged 9 feeling super cool (Britney Spears FYI) Finally, it wouldn't be winter without some novelty socks and these fairisle racoon and owl patterned ones are right up my street along with the adorable heart print tights.

What are your winter essentials?


  1. Love the jumper and the hat, so cute :) xx

  2. Scarves are without a doubt my winter essential. Love this one :)

  3. I love the colour of that bobble hat, you can't beat maroon in the autumn!

  4. I have the burgundy bobble hat, it is amazing (: xx


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