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Sunday 3 November 2013

This doesn't fit in with today's #bedn theme but I thought I'd post this instead. I have fully embraced Autumn/Winter at this point and I'm loving berry shades.

I picked up Revlon's Vixen and Bewitching at Boots whilst on offer for £2 less than usual. I've never tried a Revlon polish before but I really wish I had, the quality is fantastic. Vixen lasted 5 days before noticeable chipping and I think it was on my nails for 6/7 days which is unheard of for me. It's a beautiful deep, wine shade and is so classy. Bewitching didn't last quite so long but I think it's my favourite shade of the two and both applied opaque in two coats. I'll definitely be picking more Revlon polishes up!

I finally picked up the infamous Rimmel 107, I don't own many dark shades at all and for £5.49, it's a complete bargain. It's a matte lipstick and I find it applies without dragging and doesn't cling to any dry patches and leaves a full, even colour. It lasts well if I don't eat or drink but if anything touches my lips it starts to fade quite dramatically. None the less, I still love it but I might look at a MAC lipstick as a treat for longevity.

Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate has been a firm favourite and has been on my eyes every single day for about the past month, I love it that much. It's so long lasting and such a gorgeous shade, a deep berry shade with flecks of gold glitter, I can't get enough of it. It lasts 12 hours easily and doesn't crease or fade. I really want to pick up Cranberry by MAC as it's so similar and I love me a MAC eye shadow (I can't have a half empty quad, right?)

I've already reviewed the Java Rice Powder and I've been applying it daily for an illuminating glow. Finally, a Glamour freebie - Kate Spade by Nails Inc in Uptown Glamour, a metallic gold shade that I've been really pleased with. I find Nails Inc fairly poor quality despite the high price tag but this one applies opaque in one coat and dries super quickly too. I think it will make the perfect signature nail colour!

What are you loving this Autumn?


  1. I want everything in this post! Especially the colour tattoo as I've been wanting cranberry but don't want to splash out. The Vixen revlon polish also looks lovely x

    Holly ♥

    1. I can't recommend Pomegranate enough, it's so lovely! And Vixen is perfect for this season x


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