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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Already it's been 3 weeks since Oscar arrived and I can't believe how quickly it's gone! Whilst I was in the pool at the hospital my beloved watch decided to die on me. It'd been on its last legs for a while as water had been fogging up the face for a few weeks despite it apparently being water resistant. I found it strange that the time stopped at 6.30am, the time that I was finally allowed to start pushing to bring Oscar into this world. It felt sort of symbolic like my old life had stopped at that time and my new life was beginning... Or perhaps that's just me being weird!

Watches are one of my favourite accessories to wear; I've had quite a few through the years ranging from those first "tell the time" watches you have when you're a child, a couple of Baby-G watches (remember those? I loved how I could press a button and it would glow pink) practical ones and pretty ones. I got my current watch last year after my boyfriend threw my watch into my bag and it managed to land squarely onto my bottle of Daisy face first and shattered everywhere. I'd wanted a new watch for a while anyway so I didn't complain too much!

It's now exactly one month until my birthday so I've decided to try and hunt down a replacement as my wrist actually has a pale patch where my arm has tanned but my watch has been in the way... not a good look. I'm also completely lost without being able to see the time and I keep glancing down to check it and realising quite how many times I absent mindedly check throughout the day. Now that I have to keep track of feeding times and sleeping times, being without a watch really isn't an option. It's just not the same having to find my phone and checking the time on there.

On my search I've found that Swatch Watches from John Lewis Stores have a lovely range of watches at reasonable prices, I like how there are varied styles to suit various outfits, something a little more practical but also watches that are a bit more feminine and look more like a bracelet than a watch. I'm completely undecided so far on which style is my favourite, I think I'm leaning more towards a stainless steel finish just because it means I can leave it on in the shower, I never remember to take them off before bed.

Do you like to wear a watch? What's your favourite style?

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  1. I love Swatch! They have an amazing store in NYC that I stop by whenever I see they have new watches :)


    1. Yeah they have some really lovely styles! :) x

  2. i love watches, such a great accessory and functional too! following your blog :) x


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