Fantasy Friday #4 - Maxi Madness

Friday 31 May 2013

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I've never really been into maxi dresses or long skirts, usually I favour something a little more along the lines of a skater dress or something just above the knee. This year though, I've really spotted quite a few maxi items that have caught my eye and made me want to try out the style!
Now I'm due to become a mum (he's still not arrived, 5 days late and counting, come on ooooutt!) I think my style has become a little more reserved than it has been before. 
I have tried the Denim Jacket (1) on and it looks much nicer than in the picture above with cute floral detailing on the inside of the cuffs. I think denim jackets are so great for mixing and matching with loads of outfits and to keep you looking stylish even with our crappy British 'summer'!
I really love the River Island coral dress (2) for casual wear, it's one of my favourite colours and would look gorgeous with a tan. 
The Warehouse Masai Print dress (3) is a little different to what I'd usually pick (because it's not pink or floral, haha!) but I think it's really pretty and bonus - it's currently reduced to £36 at House of Fraser.
The Oasis Iris Chiffon dress (4) is a little more fancy and I think would be great for something a bit more special, it's a bit more expensive than the other items, but you always have to spend a bit more for a celebration/occasion, right?
The linen top (5) and skirt (6) are pretty much a complete outfit that I saw on H&M but they just look great together along with the jacket and necklace (8) (Which sadly is sold out, but I couldn't find anything similar whilst browsing).
Finally, I couldn't resist a pair of wedges (7) to go with all the outfits above but I think they'd all look great with flats too.

Do you like the Maxi trend? What are you loving this spring/summer?


  1. I've been loving maxi dresses and skirts at the moment too! I love the coral dress.
    I hope everything goes well with the pregnancy :)

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you! Just a waiting game now haha. And it's so pretty, I've painted my nails a really similar colour today! x

  2. Love the maxi dress, such gorgeous colours!

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. Love this post! Number 3 has got me SOO tempted! And what with it being reduced maybe I should treat myself <3

    Still no sign I expect? Grr! Come on little man! xx

    1. I know they're so pretty! I definitely think you should treat yourself, that's what sales are for hehe. And STILL no sign! Sat here on my bsll in the sun eating pineapple and drinking copious amounts of raspberry leaf and he's seeming pretty cosy in there haha! xx

  4. So so nice!!! I love maxi dresses im to short though!!! Ive been tweeting you!! X

  5. Aww no how annoying haha! I'm 5'6 so hopefully will be OK! And sorry I didn't notice! I'm not usually on Twitter and my phone hasn't notified me, silly thing. Just tweeted you :-) x

  6. love this outfit! I just love maxi dresses for summer! btw I am hosting a giveaway on my blog with firmoo sunglasses! can't wait to see you as a contestant!

  7. Great outfits....and all the best with your pregnancy...hopw everything goes well.. :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know....:)

  8. love that orange maxi!

  9. I love maxi dresses at the moment! One of the few things I can still wear comfortably haha. Any updates on your little ones arrival? You must be SO ready to meet him now :) xxx

  10. I love maxi dresses right now! They are so comfortable and perfect for the summer :) Love your blog, btw!


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