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Wednesday 13 March 2013

In just a meager 2 weeks, I shall be leaving work for the foreseeable future to begin my maternity leave and soon to be stay-at-home mum role. I'm rather happy about this but I'm even more excited as I am heading off on my hols for a week the same week that I finish work.
As with every holiday I go on, I usually try and find some excuse to do some "pre-holiday shopping." Yes, that necklace is an essential that I need to purchase because it will go excellently with that extremely necessary new t-shirt I just bought. Ahem.
Now, as I'm pregnant for my holiday this time, my fun has been a little limited and with only 8 weeks left until my due date by the time I go I'm not really looking to purchase any pricey maternity wear, as nice as some of it may be.
That got me thinking about shoes. I'm not a huge shoe lover; I don't own hoards of them. In fact, I own a very select few that I buy seasonally and pair with most outfits over the season.
Shoes, however, (unless life is especially cruel to me and makes my feet swell up and become double their normal size) will fit me bump or no bump.
My favourite type of shoes to wear either casually or dressed up are wedges. There are so many styles to pick from and not only that but they can be worn in any season and most importantly I find them really comfy and easy to walk in.
My go-to place to purchase shoes over the years has been New Look. In fact, I bought my first ever pair of high heels (well, I say high, they were about 1.5 inches tall) from there when I was about 14 and they remained my only pair for about 3 years that I proceeded to wear with every outfit that I wore that I deemed "dressy".
My favourite purchase of the Summer last year was a pair of tan open-toed wedges that I wore with literally all my skater dresses, playsuits and skirts and I could wear them for hours without getting sore feet. Due to my loving of them and also general clumsiness, I could do with purchasing another pair for this Spring/Summer and of course, my holiday.
So I headed on over to the New Look site to to see what they had on offer for me this year. As usual, I'm spoiled for choice by their range of stylish wedges and can't decide on which style to go for, lower heel to accommodate the bump? Or should I just go for my usual towering style..I think this can only be remedied by a trip to the shops on my day off to try some of them on!

What is your favourite style of shoe? 

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