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Saturday 16 March 2013

Hey everyone, 

I hope you're enjoying your weekends so far! It's a shame it's been so rainy, where is Spring? 
As of today, I'm now 30 weeks into my pregnancy and that means only 10 weeks until baby's arrival, I can't believe how quick time is flying by!
It also means that not many none of my pre-pregnancy clothes are really an option anymore. I had to say goodbye to most of them fairly early on as they included lots of skirts/playsuits which would sadly not accommodate a growing belly.

I worried at first that I wouldn't be able to find anything nice to wear and I'd be stuck wearing the same clothes over and over again. Most shops on the High Street don't stock maternity wear in-store making it difficult to know what size you'll need to purchase to fit your expanding bump and also having to rely on pictures online to see what items are available to you.
Then, I stumbled upon H&M's MAMA Maternity range. It was hidden among the children's clothes; a part of the store I'd never normally pay any attention to but a kind sales assistant pointed me in the right direction.

They sell a varied selection of styles ranging from the everyday essentials such as tights and underwear through to party dresses and jackets.
I've found them to be an absolute saviour so far throughout my pregnancy, they are affordable but most importantly I actually feel like myself when wearing them. None of the clothes feel frumpy or unfashionable so I can go out feeling good about myself when I'm missing my old wardrobe.

I've so far purchased quite a few tops to dress up my leggings in size 'S' (which was my usual size beforehand) and the maternity range is true to size and have fit me well from the earlier weeks through to now and I feel there's more room for expansion too. I've also purchased the coat pictured above which is lovely and goes well with all of my outfits fitting me flatteringly without being baggy or shapeless. Plus, the tights are absolutely amazing and are so comfy, enabling me to finally wear a skirt again!
I haven't actually tried any of their jeans/leggings as they seem to be quite popular in store and don't usually have my size plus my mum had already grabbed me a few from other places.

My only complaint with H&M is that they are sometimes inconsistent with what you can purchase online and what you can in the store - sometimes even different stores have different items meaning I have to go on a mini hunt to find the item I want. I grabbed a lovely top in the sale the other day for £5 but I'd never seen it on the site prior to picking it up, which I definitely would have!
Most items vary from around £6 for the basic tops, £12-£15 for the dresses or more fancy tops and £25 to £30 for the pants/coat.
I just thought I'd pop up a quick review as I found it hard to find any decent reviews or recommendations online for good maternity wear and I thought it might be helpful for any expectant or future mums.

What do you think of H&M? Do you enjoy their normal range or have you tried anything from MAMA?


  1. Just found this post as I hunt for things to wear post labour. Thank you for posting, your blog was really helpful.

    1. You're welcome! It's a really affordable comfy range, if I'm pregnant in the future, I'll definitely be going back to it. Cute baby clothes too :-)


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