Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum

Thursday 21 March 2013

Today I thought I'd share with you the perfume that I've been enjoying recently and with it now officially being Spring (although it still doesn't feel like it), it seems quite appropriate.
I first encountered Flowerbomb whilst I was flicking through Glamour quite a few months ago as one of the little samples and I became obsessed with it - but after having a quick look on the internet discovered that it was out of my price range. When my mum asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I knew without doubt that it was going to be this perfume. Luckily, we managed to track it down as part of a gift set that included a shower gel and a body lotion - bonus.

The packaging is just gorgeous and I love having it out on my dressing table as it's just so pretty. It did originally come with a little black grenade style logo sticking out of the side, but that swiftly snapped off when I put it in my bag for an overnight stay. Apart from that, it's a sturdy feeling bottle and doesn't have any little catches to twist or move to be able to spray it, just a simple lid on - lid off.

The fragrance is described as containing "top notes of tea and bergamot, middle notes of sambac jasmine, orchid, freesia and rose with a base note of patchouli."
I've got to be honest and say that I find perfume descriptions pretty useless, as I wouldn't be able to identify most of those scents individually. Or is that just me?
In my opinion, it's a lovely, light floral scent that is quite sweet but not overpoweringly so. I prefer to wear it as a daytime perfume because of this, preferring something a little heavier for going out.

I find that it lasts well throughout the day and I have received so many compliments when I'm wearing it. If you're looking for something similar but don't want to shell out the hefty £50 that Flowerbomb will set you back, Jimmy Choo smells remarkably similar and is a little bit more of a reasonable £33.50 at The Perfume Shop.

What's your signature perfume? Do you prefer to wear different scents from Winter to Summer?


  1. I love this scent! xx

  2. I ADORE this perfume. This is my favourite scent ever! Fab choice! I really love your blog and I have subscribed to it via GFC ~ Hope that is alright? xx

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  4. this perfume is the best !!!!! i love it, and now its also available for men :D if i would have i boyfriend, i would buy it for him :D haha !

    i love fashion and maybe you like my blog. Its german, but there is a translation button ;)

    what do you think about following each other ?

    xoxo, Fee


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