Five Minute French Manicure

Monday 11 March 2013

Hey everyone!

Hope you've had a bearable Monday, at least that's one day down! Last night it was time to repaint my chipped nails and I was searching through my collection of nail polishes for a suitable colour when I spotted my French Manicure polishes. I hadn't painted my nails like that in ages, usually because it's so time consuming and I have to spend what feels like years trying to get the perfect white crescent on my nail. Now, I don't know about you, but I really don't have a steady hand, especially when it comes to doing my left hand with my extra unskilled right hand! The handful of times that I've gone for a professional manicure, I've always had it done French style as I think it's so classy and timeless going with any outfit that you want to wear.
Both the polishes I decided to use are by Rimmel, I absolutely love Rimmel polishes and most of my collection consists of them. This is mainly because they're cheap and usually on offer in either Boots or Superdrug plus they have a great selection of colours, they're reasonably priced and finally I find that they last really well on my nails.
As you can see above, the brushes for each polish are really quite different to each other and this is what makes the application so quick and easy. The large, flat brush on the Rimmel Lycra Pro in French Rose makes it speedy to coat your nails in a couple of swipes and the Nail Tip Whitener is just a little bit of genius in a bottle. All you have to do is run it across the tip of your nail following it's natural shape (or the shape you want to paint your nail ) and voila, perfectly french tipped nails.  Neither polish takes ages to dry and they didn't smudge after application either.
French Rose is a barely there shade for me and pretty much just adds a slight hint of pink and a glossy shine to my nails and the Nail Tip Whitener took literally about 2 seconds to run the brush across the tip of my nail and I only had to go over it once. It's a lovely crisp, bright white and hasn't turned an odd yellowish shade as I've found some white polishes can do. I didn't bother with a top coat because I was feeling lazy and I was happy with the finish that I have as I tend to repaint my nails 2-3 times a week. If you wanted it to last longer though, I'm sure a top coat would be beneficial!
I probably could have lined the tip slightly lower down my nail as you can see a bit of the natural tip showing through but that's what happens when you're painting them in semi-darkness whilst trying to watch the Top Gear special...
Both polishes are available at Superdrug (I can't find French Rose on the Boots site) and cost £4.59 each or are currently on offer for 2 for £5.99.

Do you like the French Manicure or do you prefer bolder shades?

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