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Monday 7 January 2013


I had been meaning to start posting on this blog for a while, especially following my pregnancy, but even though all was well at the 12 week scan I didn't feel comfortable writing about anything until I knew he'd been checked out for more serious issues.

I had been counting down to this scan for so long and could not wait to find out. After being convinced earlier on in pregnancy that I was having a boy, I changed my mind a few weeks ago and became dead set that baba in there was a girl. I even had dreams convincing me and started referring to him as a "she" in my head, despite literally everyone else I know telling me that I was definitely having a boy.

So, today after anxiously waiting until the end of the scan I was told I had a little boy inside me and I was definitely surprised but not disappointed.

After coming from a family that consisted of my parents, me and my little sister and even the cat being a female, I was a little dubious about how I'd find a little boy who likes, well you know, boy stuff. But I've already spotted cute little dinosaur themed items and Nathan is looking forward to having a little son he can hopefully share his football love with.

So now I'm counting down until his due date of May 25th. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go overdue and keep imagining his actual date will be the 7th June, but I failed miserably on predicting his gender so who knows when he'll turn up!

This scan picture is actually of him at the 12 week dating scan, it's much better than the one that we got today that was really only of his face and he kind of looks more like a melon than a baby...


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