Christmas Beauty Bits

Wednesday 31 December 2014

Helloo! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready to celebrate the New Year! 
I was super lucky this year and got a few lovely beauty bits and bobs for Christmas so I thought I'd just do a quick post. 

First up my parents got me the Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar which I was so surprised with! My mum decided to wait until Christmas day to give it to me as she thought I'd open them all in one go if I'd got them on December 1st (she's probably right.) It had so many amazing minis in it and it would have been dark by the time I'd got a decent photograph with them all in but my favourites at the moment are the Lancome Lip Lovers, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

Another major surprise was the Lorac Skinny Palette in Nude. I only own the Naked3 out of the whole range so having a nude palette containing more bronzey shades is great. All the shades so far are really pigmented and so far I've worn it every day and managed to come up with a slightly different look each time!

Last on the surprise list was Lancome Hypnose mascara which I've wanted to try for so long but knowing my track record with high end mascaras equaling disappointment, I never got round to taking the plunge and treating myself. I'm pleased to say that it does definitely not disappoint and it's probably the best mascara I've ever used. A bold claim I know but the only thing that could knock it off the top spot would be if it dries up too quickly. 

My fiance's mum gave us some money for Christmas so I decided to get myself Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl which is the most gorgeous rose gold highlighter, Seventeen Falsifeye HD mascara & Stay Time Concealer (a repurchase) and Essie's Set in Stones which I've wanted for about a year.

Finally, I got Viktor & Rolf Bonbon and I can not explain how much I love this fragrance. I gave it a sniff in John Lewis a few months ago and I loved it so much that every time I went in I gave myself a cheeky spray (it seemed to be the same woman who was patrolling the perfume section each time and she gave me weird looks haha.) I saw it on a site where they had 20% off all perfumes for 2 hours, it's like it was destined to be mine...

Edit: somehow, I managed to forget to photograph my Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set.... there are no words. I'm going to pop up a review of them in the next week or two anyway.
So that's all for my beauty gifts from this year, I've got a post coming in a couple of days with my favourites from 2014! 
What were your favourite presents this year?


  1. Lancome mascara is just the best, my holy grail!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I think it's going to become an expensive essential for me! x

  2. I've never seen that Lorac palette before- it looks nice!

    She Likes to Shop

  3. What lovely presents! I love the Viktor & Rolf perfume bottle, I'll have to give it a whiff! My favourite presents were a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick from my mumma and a whole load of Lush stuff :) x

    Always, Alice x
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