Soap & Glory The Scrub Of Your Life | Review

Wednesday 10 September 2014

When my beloved Pulp Friction Scrub came to an end, I knew I'd be going straight back to Soap & Glory for my next purchase. They're pretty much my go to brand for bodycare that isn't super cheap but isn't overly pricey either, a good middle ground.
I decided to go for The Scrub of Your Life as it has the Original Pink fragrance which is one of my favourites from the range but I'll probably work my way through all of them before too long! 
This one is a bit different compared to Pulp Friction as it foams when you apply it to your skin which makes applying it feel that bit more luxurious. I like to apply it all over and then use my exfoliating gloves to rub it in, giving me extra exfoliation and helping it foam up even more and making a little go a long way. 
The beads are just the right consistency, grainy enough to give you a good scrub without feeling too harsh and leaving you scratched and sore. 
I've also found that it's great to use before tanning as well as a mid-week refresher as it doesn't leave any residue on the skin but still leaves my skin feeling moisturised and thoroughly clean. 

You can pick The Scrub Of Your Life up for a reasonable £7 at Boots.

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