Life Lately: Lacking Enthusiasm

Monday 17 February 2014

It's been pretty quiet over on my blog & twitter recently. I don't really have a particular reason, I just feel really uninspired at the moment, the weather is completely crap and I cannot get any pictures to look how I want them to! Being a stay at home mum is not kind on the pennies and so I've been looking at finding a job part time. I still want to be around for most of the time for Oscar but it'd be nice to get out and earn a bit of money and feel like I'm doing something in the day too, a bit of variation if you will. My mum has kindly offered to be my babysitter so I'm covered for childcare too making it that bit easier.
 I got an offer of an interview a few weeks ago and the job sounded perfect, I got a call telling me the company was really pleased with me and to go in for a trial morning. This sounded pretty positive to me and so I was excited to go in and try it out, I had to confirm when I could start and all that jazz so I was feeling hopeful. A couple of days later I got a call saying sadly they'd decided to go with someone else so I was pretty bummed out but life goes on! I'm still on the lookout now and have another interview next week but my confidence has been knocked now so I'm feeling a bit wary.
Other than that, I've really not been up to anything interesting, plenty of winter walks in parks nearby to get some fresh air, that is when it's not constantly raining anyway. Oscar is getting more inquisitive every day and he is so fun to play with now, he is constantly making us laugh and surprising us with little things.
So yeah, I just thought I'd pop up a post mainly because I felt like writing something but I'm still lacking in enthusiasm for beauty blogging right now, I want to be able to write more than I currently do and probably shouldn't feel like I need to buy more to do that but that's what I'm struggling with at the moment. I don't know about putting more lifestyle posts up on here as I don't often do anything particularly interesting and I'm also not the best at being open and sharing everything.
Sorry this has been a bit of a negative ramble, if you've actually read this then let me know if you've struggled with some serious lack of inspiration before and what you did to turn things around?

Edit: I woke up today and ended up writing 5 posts, so keep your eyes peeled, new one up tomorrow!


  1. Don't worry Kat, we all have spells of feeling uninspired and the weather just now definitely doesn't help. It's nice your mum can help you out with looking after Oscar. I'm sure there will be another job lined up in the future which has your name written all over it. I know it can feel disheartening at times, but you're doing great. Oscar always looks so happy! Good luck lovely xx

    1. Aw thanks for your comment Steph :-) That's so nice of you to say! I'm trying to keep positive but sometimes it's hard to when everything seems to keep going wrong. xx

  2. I hope you start feeling inspired again soon, you have such an amazing blog! Don't let the job you didn't get knock your confidence, everything happens for a reason and hopefully it's making way for something bigger and better to come along - keep your head up and confidence high pretty lady! x

    1. Thanks Gee, that's so lovely to hear! I'm hoping that my interview next week will go well, fingers crossed! xx


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