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Friday 2 August 2013

I was tagged by Hannah from B.L.A.B to take part in MoneySupermarket's Budget Bucket List Competition.  The inspiration for the challenge was taken from the film "The Bucket List" in which the characters make a list of things they wish to do before they "kick the bucket."
 The challenge is to pick one "budget" bucket list item and one "extravagant" item. Then you just need to tag 3 other bloggers to see if they'd like to take part in the challenge to.
 So, without further ado... 
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My "budget" item would have to be being able to take part in a course to become a Make Up Artist. As you can probably tell based on my blog, I love make up and all things beauty related and after doing many boring, unfulfilling office jobs I really think that this would be a career I'd really enjoy. 
It'd give me so many options and I'd probably look to be self-employed so I could work for whoever, whenever, wherever I wanted. 
I'd looked at doing a course last year with some savings I had but then I fell pregnant and any aspirations had to be put on hold and my money invested elsewhere. The courses available are a little more pricey than any money that I have lying around from month to month and it's pretty hard to manage to save much now that there's only my boyfriend working.
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 My "extravagant" item would without a doubt be a road trip across America, starting from New York (for the shopping, obviously...) and working my way across from East to West stopping off at as many places as possible along the way. I'd love to be able to take my parents, sister and her boyfriend and of course my boyfriend and Oscar so again, it's money stopping me from doing this one as to really enjoy yourself you'd need a pretty hefty chunk of cash so that you could do everything you wanted to do on the trip. If it's going to be a once in a lifetime experience, you might as well go all out! 

Unfortunately, Hannah was tagged a bit last minute and so the competition closes at midnight TONIGHT so sorry it's such short notice but you've still got enough time to write up a quick post if you want ;-) 

I tag: Holly from Along Came Holly 
         Hannah from Awaken Beauty
         Sam from Tiny Paint Pot


  1. Yaay i'm glad you managed to do it! Sorry for tagging you so late.
    I hope you get to do your make up course one day...aaand go on a road trip!

    Hannah x

    1. Haha no problem! And we can only dream! Hehe x

  2. Definitely agree with your extravagant pick. Would love to travel America :) x

  3. I can't believe I've just seen the comment on my blog from you telling me you had tagged me! I'm gutted would have loved to have entered. Think I would have ended up saying something similar to you! Good luck though sweet!

    Holly x

    1. Aww no! I probably should have sent you something on Twitter but I didn't think as I don't use it that much, doh. Thanks! x


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