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Sunday 28 July 2013

I am addicted to curling my eyelashes, I cannot put on my mascara until they have been curled. My eyelashes are fairly long but they lack any natural curl and instead prefer to just stick out straight.

I've tried a number of curlers in the past ranging from budget to high-end, my most recent curlers being by Tweezerman. I have had them for over two years and they were starting to pinch my eyelids and not curl my lashes evenly so I decided to see if I could find a new set that would do a better job.
After shopping around on various sites and some good ol' beauty blogs I decided upon MAC's Full Lash Curler. I was kindly given them as a birthday present and couldn't wait to try them out.

As soon as I put them to my eye, I knew they would do a much better job than my Tweezerman's. They fit the contours of my eye much more comfortably and they also managed to grab all the lashes rather than just a few in the centre. I hold them for about 3 seconds on each eye and I'm left with a really nice natural curl that lasts all day.

The curler comes in silver and black and it also comes supplied with a pad in the curler and a spare one. I'm not sure of any recommendations on how long to use the pad for but I pretty much keep using it until my lashes don't curl as well which with most curlers is at least 6 months for me.

Overall I'm really impressed and I feel they make a huge difference to how my eyes look and also how well my mascara applies, it goes on much more evenly now and the curl makes my eyes look more wide and awake.


  1. I never found a difference before in curlers, but maybe thats just me. Would you say they are worth the price difference then?
    Heroine In Heels

    1. Definitely, my tweezermans cost the same price as the silver version of the MAC ones which is £14 and the black MAC ones cost £16 as they are LE I think. I find the difference between cheaper and more expensive ones is the way the cheaper ones tend to crimp your lashes rather than curl and also the way they go against your eyelid. Its pretty pricey but I love my curlers and I would definitely pay that amount again!

  2. Haha my eyelashes stick straight out too!
    I have some really rubbish eyelash curlers so maybe it's time to invest in some MAC ones.

    Hannah x

    1. Haha its such a pain, I'm so envious of people with super curly eyelashes! I am really pleased with these MAC ones so far. X

  3. I'll have to try this curler! I have one from ULTA, (a US beauty chain) but I'm sure MAC's is much better! Thanks for sharing this :) I'm your newest follower!


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