Wella SP Luxe Oil Review

Friday 19 September 2014

Having naturally curly, frizzy hair that I love to straighten when I can, I'm always on the look out for new products to help keep my hair under control. I have only tried one hair oil which was a Tresemme one and it didn't really do much for my hair. 
I've been using the Wella SP Luxe Oil for a couple of months now and I have to say that I really love it. I like to apply it to damp hair before I blow dry it straight and also when I'm leaving my hair in it's natural state. It can also be applied to dry hair to tone down any frizziness and make it look more sleek.
My hair is so unbelievably soft after using this, I can't stop stroking it! It's extremely lightweight and non greasy so doesn't weigh my hair down at all or leave any residue behind. I think this would work equally well in fine or thick and unruly hair, it's the perfect consistency. It also smells AH-MAZING, like sugared almonds and I love smelling it in my hair during the day, it's not overwhelming just a nice, clean scent.
The ingredients include Argan, Jojoba and Almond Oil and although it doesn't say that it "fixes" damaged hair, I definitely feel like it's been keeping my hair in better condition and I've noticed it looks a lot less dry and frazzled than it does when I don't use it. 
The only downsides to this hair oil are that it comes in a pretty hefty glass bottle so it's not ideal for travelling or for those who are clumsy and tend to knock things flying off their dressing table frequently... It's also pretty pricey but still much more reasonable than MoroccanOil coming in at £15.90 for 100ml.
What are your favourite hair oils?

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  1. This sounds great! I don't usually take a lot of stuff travelling anyway, so I might give this one a go! x

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