Oscar's 1st Birthday

Monday 16 June 2014

Oscar turned 1 on 5th June but I thought I'd share a couple of snaps on here anyway. Oscar was actually pretty grumpy on his birthday, he woke up crying at 4:30am which he hasn't done for months and he was tired and out of sorts for most of the day, poor little man.
We just decided to keep the day fairly low key until he's a bit more aware that it's his birthday so we had a little celebration round at my parents with a dinosaur theme and lots of nibbles. We got some cute cupcakes made too which I got some dinosaur picks to decorate with.
Even though I don't want to wish the year away, it'll be really nice when Oscar's a bit more aware and I can plan epic birthday parties for him, I've seen some amazing ideas on Pinterest!


  1. Aw he is the cutest little boy ever!! And those cakes look sooo yummy! I'm sure he had a lovely day despite not feeling his best :)) xx


    1. Hehe aw thank you! They were delicious, Oscar tried one but pulled a face, think it might have been a bit sweet for him! xx


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