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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Having had some free time recently, obviously some of it had to be spent wandering the aisles of Boots and Superdrug in search of, well... anything really.
This time however, it happened to be nail polishes that ended up catching my eye. I'm sure you're all aware of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine nail paints and I couldn't help but pick myself up the shades Lychee, Papaya and Greenberry as they're so bright and pretty. I loved pretty much all of the shades in the range but I have quite a few similar ones already so thought I'd go for some different ones.
Of course, trusty ol' Rimmel didn't disappoint and I found Coral Romance too good to resist.

Coral Romance - Rimmel - This is from the Lycra Pro range and I think is the most pricey of the Rimmel polishes at £4.59. This shade is my favourite of the four and is so vibrant without washing me out. It claims up to 10 days chip free and whilst I didn't wear it on my nails for quite that long, I did get a good 6 days of it with no chips which really impressed me. It only requires one coat to become opaque but I put on two just for extra strength.

Lychee - Barry M - I don't actually own any nude colours at all for my nails but I'd seen a lot of swatches of this and thought it looked worth a try. Formula wise, it certainly doesn't disappoint and applied beautifully and fully opaque in two coats but I'm still not sure that nudes really suit me all that well... I'll give it another couple of tries on me though as I do like the colour.

Papaya - Barry M - This shade is lovely, again it's coral toned but it's a rare thing that I can actually wear a bright colour, so I'm going to obsess over it! I did find it slightly irritating to apply; it streaked quite a lot and the brush seemed to be bare on some nails and then put giant globs onto other ones making it tough to judge drying times. This one for me definitely needed two coats and could probably have benefited from a third but it was worth it in the end as it dried with a glossy streak free finish.

Greenberry - Barry M - I really love this colour, it's so bright and fresh looking. I'm currently wearing a combo of Lychee and Greenberry so I'm going to try painting them all one shade to get the full effect of each shade, but this looks really great for spring and brightens up any basic outfits nicely - a definite bonus when I have about 3 different sets to wear at this stage! This one applied nicely and again, opaque in two coats. 

What are your favourite shades for Spring? Do you have any of the above?


  1. I really want some of the new colours from the barry m gelly hi-shine. I have some of the dark ones that had out before christmas and love them!
    Caitlin x

    1. The Spring ones are so lovely! I love Dragonfruit & Prickly Pear but I have Rimmel ones almost the exact same, bah! x

  2. I love greenberry! I have tried to convince myself I don't need any more nail varnishes but the Barry M Gelly ones are persuading me :) I'm surprised I've lasted this long! xxxx


    1. Haha! You can never have too many nail polishes ;-) I bought Greenberry after the disappointment of Misty Jade by Rimmel, it's the worst nail polish ever! xxx

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  4. I have neglected my love for Barry M recently and have been buying polishes from the new Sinful Colours range. After seeing this post though I think I'll have to go back to Barry M for a bit :) All the polishes you have picked look so lovely! x


    1. Thank you! They have released some gorgeous colours for Spring! x

  5. Wish they had Barry M in the States, beeen dying to get my hands on some! I nominated you for Liebster! Head over to my blog for the details!


  6. So in love with the Barry M Gelly nail varnishes!!!


    Stevie xxx

  7. Love your blog! xoxo

  8. Coral romance is such a pretty bright shade! From your swatches, I agree with you- it's my favourite of the four too! =D



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