27 Week Update

Sunday 24 February 2013


This week has flown by yet again! This is now the last week of my 2nd trimester and I have 90 days until my due date. I have to say I'm definitely looking forward to May, firstly so that I can meet the little one and also so that hopefully it'll be warmer and sunnier and I can whip out my summer clothes which I'm naively hoping I'll be able to fit into...

The nursery furniture arrived on Wednesday this week, I got a call the week before telling me I'd be sent a text with the delivery slot on - it turned out to be between 7 am and 10.30 am so no lie-in for me on my day off! The delivery man called me at 9 and told me that he'd be there in "5 to ten minutes" but not before he'd managed to tell his mate how much he "desperately needed a sh*t" ?! He called me and then seemed surprised that I'd answered the phone haha! He didn't turn up until about 9.45 either, wonder why...
I then went to Mamas and Papas with my mum, I think she's going to move in there soon. She had been sent some vouchers so we got a few little bits for baba which are adorable.

This week baby is now the size of a cauliflower which is unfortunate as I absolutely despise cauliflower haha! He has been very active this week and spends most of his days wriggling around all though some days are quieter than others and I wonder where he's gone. He usually makes up for it in the evening though. He is now sleeping and waking at regular intervals and can even suck on his fingers. His brain is also very active and he can apparently dream now! I wonder what of? It can't be too interesting in there.

I've slept quite well this week although I do have to turn over quite frequently as my hips tend to ache if I lie on one side for too long. He also seemed to get into a really uncomfortable position on Friday night and I felt as if someone had pushed all my insides up against my ribs (I suppose they have...) and I felt and looked huge! He moved after about 30 mins though, much to my relief.
Nath has finished off painting the nursery this week so it's all ready for the furniture to be assembled in, yay! It's also going to be Nathan's birthday this week so I think we're going to go out for a meal to celebrate and I'm going to bake him some treat of some sort, it's too close to payday to do anything too much so it's only going to be a simple day.

What are your plans for this week?


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  2. aww your bump is so cute!
    i miss my bump!
    congratulations so happy for you!

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  3. oohhhh!!!! this is soooo cute!!!! love your bump!!! :*



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